05 September 2011


Neville Gabie
Playing Away
Interview with Tate London

"The goal shall consist of two upright posts, eight yards apart [inside measurement] joined by a horizontal crossbar the lower edge of which shall be eight feet from the ground."
-FIFA rulebook

Artist Statement:
Originally motivated by the sculptural qualities of some of the structures used as goalposts and the spaces where the game is played, this project has developed into an objective study of diverse cultural landscapes with a common obsession, football. Photographing the first of these goalposts I recognized something of what I was striving to achieve as an artist. Formally they explore sculptural concerns - the need to occupy a physical space, to stand up against the forces of gravity and the desire to be inventive with the use and assembly of all sorts of materials. Pictorially they are literally a window into vastly different contexts, intimately reflecting their immediate environment by using whatever material is readily available, to create these frames. And where space is limited, street corners or garage doors become substitute, with paint replacing construction as a means of marking out a territory. Common to all are the endless possibilities of reinvention within the constraints of creating an aperture marked by two verticals and one horizontal. It is "Dirty Minimalism" where the rules of what is or is not a goalpost are stretched to the very limits by the desire to play.

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