13 May 2011


Manchester City will be outfitted in special edition Umbro kits and jackets in Saturday's FA Cup final vs. Stoke City featuring the Manchester Coat of Arms.

via the Umbro press release "The shirts and the Mercer jackets which the players will wear onto the pitch feature a number of intricate links to the historical detail of the kits City players have worn at Wembley. Discreetly featured within the numbers on the players' backs is the historic Manchester coat of arms, which City players initially used to wear when they had no crest of their own. Technically a privilege bestowed upon the club by Manchester's city council, it has generally been a tradition over the past 60 years that City carry the coat of arms in some way when they play at Wembley. [...]

The Manchester coat of arms is also embroidered onto the breast of the jackets City will walk out in, inspired by the overcoat of choice for the late Joe Mercer, and of which only 16 have been made. Mercer too a City side wearing the Manchester coat of arms to its last FA Cup final victory in 1969", a 2-1 win over Portsmouth.

via The Beautiful Gear

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