11 January 2011


A preview of the much anticipated Umbro x Aitor Throup Archive Research Project (A.R.P.) launching Summer, August 2011. From Umbro:

"Umbro, in collaboration with the critically acclaimed conceptual designer Aitor Throup, has delved into its extensive archive to launch the Archive Research Project (A.R.P.). Taking inspiration from the iconic Umbro football garments, spanning the last 87 years, A.R.P. represents design innovation and style, whilst maintaining Umbro's English football tailoring heritage.

Since 2008 Umbro and Aitor Throup have collaborated together, specifically on the re-launch of the England Home kit in 2009 and more recently the England Away kit in 2010. It was during the 2009 kit project that Umbro and Aitor delved into the hertiage of the brand and created an England football shirt that redefined replica by fusing football performance and tailoring.

The new Umbro A.R.P. collection is an innovative collection engineered for football performance and curated for lifestle. It's about the coming together of the past and the future; reinterpreting classic Umbro designs, such as the 1966 'Ramsey' jacket and the brand's iconic 'Aztec' football shirt as worn by England in '66, in a way that shatters the mould of previous construction methods of such garments.

The collection of seven unique garments really come into their own when examined from the inside out, mirroring the 'inside-out' design and construction philosophy pioneered by Aitor Throup. This concept is the foundation of the way Throup approaches his work."

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