15 December 2010


Umbro announces the opening of the Umbro Tee Shop, a new online store that will be releasing one exclusive, limited edition t-shirt design every Monday. From Umbro:

"We all know that football is about more than just the action on the pitch - it's the fleeting moments of sublime skill, the chants from the stands and the dodgy haircuts that make it extra special.
It's this we want to celebrate with the Umbro Tee Shop, a new store that we've launched to offer exclusive designs on a strictly limited basis. With a new design launched every week, created by some of the finest designers around, the Umbro Tee Shop will capture the highs and lows of the football world perfectly.
Every Monday, Umbro will reveal a new tee shirt design that will on sale in strictly limited quantities for just a few days. 11 shirts for now, 1 small, 4 medium, 4 large and 2 extra-large. You'll then be able to order the shirt, and get it delivered to you by the end of the week, in time for the next match at the weekend. If you don't get in there and get your shirt, that'll be it. They'll only be available as one-off, extremely limited designs.
The Umbro Tee Shop is only available here in the UK, due to shipping limitations."

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Anonymous said...

Offsides? How un-original! No wonder they only made 11 - Shite!