02 December 2010


Watched around the world with breathless anticipation, FIFA awarded Russia the honor of hosting the 2018 World Cup and Qatar as hosts for the 2022 World Cup. A lot of talk in the press (especially on twitter) focused on corruption, bribery, and the collusion aspects of the vote, but in reality, the results were not all that surprising.

With FIFA President Sepp Blatter up for re-election next year, many saw this as his last chance to cement his FIFA legacy (and possibly a Noble Prize?) You only need to look at the successful 2010 World Cup in South Africa to see that Mr. Blatter has guided FIFA on a mission to expand the global appeal of football. With Russia and Qatar FIFA will introduce the world's greatest sporting event to Eastern Europe and the Middle East for the very first time.

We must admit that we were disappointed when the US bid failed this morning. Having experienced the World Cup firsthand in '94, the idea of attending a second World Cup hosted by the US in our lifetime would be special. If we have the opportunity (and means) to attend the 2018 WC in Russia and 2022 WC in Qatar we will certainly be there front and center (layered in down in Russia, possibly just naked in Qatar). This is a day to celebrate. Let's leave the talk of conspiracy, money and politics for another day. Congratulations Russia and Qatar, we look forward, with open hearts and minds, to what you have in store for us. As you were -WW
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Matty B. said...

I can't seem to find the "A Copa Das" post that's coming through on my Google Reader, but I'm loving on that video that you found of footage posted from the 32 different countries that participated in the WC 2010. Great find, per usual.