10 September 2010


Here's one way to beat the counterfeiters: make your own. Nike began selling their own lower priced "counterfeit" Inter Milan kits around the stadium on game days to counteract the amount of knock-off kits usually sold on match days. The idea is that people who would normally buy a fake kit would choose to spend their money on an official Nike Inter Milan product. An interesting idea. However, it all went wrong when these lower priced kits that found their way to Sports Direct, a chain in Scotland, that sold them as top of the line replicas. Nike's response:
"Because of the large number of counterfeit jerseys on sale around the grounds in Italy, we produce a lower price-point replica that doesn't have the same technical specifications as the ones the players wear for clubs we sponsor there.
It appears a quantity of these Inter Milan replicas has found its way to Sports Direct. We shall be looking internally at how this happened.
We want to make it clear there is no question of Sports Direct selling counterfeit products."
Read the full story at Footy-Boots.

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