14 April 2009


If your a fan of football or just starting to follow the game, the best place to get your weekly fix is Rob Hughes, football (soccer) writer for the International Herald Tribune. He is one of the finest and most knowledgeable football writers today offering insights into the world of football from a global perspective, with just a dash of that English flavor we know you all love so much. Didn't convince you eh? Fine, check it out for yourself then at: www.iht.com


Anonymous said...

I disagree. I think rob hughes' articles are nearly unreadable. He's on some kind of hemmingway-wanna-be streak, and his attempts at wit and style just muddy the waters and leave the reader with no clarity on what he is reporting on. Goal.com is better, or just standard ap soccer stories.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous' citing of goal dot com reveals his capacity to understand both the game and quality reporting.

No one can bring you back to the key moments of the game as Hughes can. He will give you goose bumps.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous that the ubiquitous Hughes (syndicated thoughout Asia unfortunately) seems prepoccupied with plweasing those who he rhinks are his bosses (Straits Times/BKK Post/IHT) there is a touch of counter intuitive colonialism about him. His of course being the god-like figure who soccer fans are forced to read (the above Newspapers are monopolies or quasi monopolies.
He makes massive errors of judgement and prediction but (like the News) never corrects.Honoured (for what!) in Brazil he panders to their vision of the beautiful game but never criticizes their corrupt leagues or administrators) or indeed FIFA. he despises the EPL but its this that makes up his pension.
On summary he's a fraud - a throwback - a serf who serves - his bank balance!